The trailer for this boat wasn't real pretty, it had a lot of surface rust, the tires were mostly useless, the wheels were covered in rust, the lights were all broken and there was no carpet on the bunks. I never took any pictures specifically of the trailer prior to doing any work, but this one shows some of the general condition.

To make matters worse, I had no title for the trailer and couldn't even read the serial number plate. I wasn't even sure it was the correct trailer for the boat!

I did know it was a Trail-Rite trailer so a call to the manufacturer cleared up some of the confusion. The serial number is stamped into the top of the right side frame rail near the front of the trailer. A bit of sanding off the old paint located it and with the serial number, Trail-Rite was able to verify it was a 1978 model built for Macgregor/Venture 22's. So, it is the correct trailer and probably the original for this boat.

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Early on, I had removed the winch, cleaned it up, repainted it, replaced the cable and then mistakenly mounted it where I thought it was supposed to be. I've since remounted it in the original position.
I had given the trailer a quick coat of paint (what I could reach) while the boat was still on it. After painting the hull, the trailer was pretty much covered in overspray.
Up on blocks. All the rough spots got sandblasted and the trailer got a coat of Rustoleum primer followed by Rustoleum gloss black. (These photos were taken just after a rainstorm, so there are a lot of water droplets.)
The axel, springs and hubs got painted with POR-15.
The fenders are not real straight - one is rusted through. I may replace them at some point. The yellow is there for visibility.
New tires and galvanized wheels. It just was not worth the trouble of sandblasting and painting the old wheels. I probably will clean up one wheel for a spare tire but for now, these will do.
New taillights.
Homemade light bar - made from some hardware I had and $6.00 worth of clearance lights.
New safety chains.


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