Pop Top Cover

This came with the boat so I'm assuming it is the original cover. When I got the boat the cover was in the water and muck that had accumulated in the hold and was badly stained. After quite a bit of scrubbing it looks a bit better, although it still is stained and the plastic windows are discolored. One snap is broken and another had torn out of the fabric. Both zippers are in need of replacement.

So, with a few repairs, it will be usuable, although not very pretty.

A few people have asked me questions about the pop top cover. The pictures here hopefully will explain better than I can how the cover fits on the pop top.

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The red arrows point to the two forward snap locations. There is a third snap on the top side of the cabin and a fourth snap on the teak around the conpanionway hatch.
Top up and cover on. It is still wrinkled from being folded up and rear snap is missing so it isn't pulled tight on the port side.
It would seem that it should fit better around the mast step but this is how it fits. The overall width of the material without being snapped down is about 52 inches.
How it looks from the deck. This would probably work OK for keeping out a light rain, but there is a gap under the canvas in places.
Some dimensions. The forward diagonal length is about 28 inches and the overall length along the bottom is about 60 inches.
Starboard rear detail. The cover wraps around the rear side of the poptop and is secured by a snap near the top of the wood rail that holds the conpanionway hatch in place.
Port rear topside. The zippers run to the forward edge of sliding hatch allowing the hatch to be slid forward and the fabric rolled up for access to the cabin.
Portside rear detail. Its a bit easier in this picture to see the location of the snap on the wood rail.
Interior view. The fabric is grey on the inside.


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