I didn't get an outboard motor with this boat, but I figured it would be nice to have one! After looking around for quite a while for an affordable long shaft outboard I finally settled on an OMC SailMaster 4. Its a bit scratched up, but it has compression and other than missing some screws from the cover, it seems to be all there.

Of course, then I found a good deal on a SailMaster 6. The boat had a 6 hp outboard on it before I got it and this particular 6 has a known history so I bought the 6 and sold the 4.

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The SailMaster 4 makes a brief appearance.
  Springtime testing of the Sailmaster 6.
It's actually the first time I've run this. It seems to run fine. (There is no prop on the engine for this test.)
I needed an engine stand so I built this one. Its designed to fold up for storage.


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