Cleanup - Interior

Nancy has been doing most of the interior cleaning - I just get to disassemble and then reassemble it all. We started out by removing most of the wood from the cabin and then just cleaning everything.

I knew that there were some leaks topside when it rained, but I had not really checked as to where - until we took out all the wood and started cleaning up the inside. Then it was pretty evident that there was a major leak around the mast step area. So, the next step was to remove the carpeted ceiling.

The carpet was actually pretty rotted out from age and water damage and was stapled to plywood panels. The plywood also had water stains showing that just about all the hardware was leaking.

I decided not to replace the carpet - at least for now. The plywood panels will be painted white and I may have to add wood trim to cover the edges of the plywood - which were not cut straight 22 years ago.

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Starting out. We had cleaned most of the heavy mud and dirt out and pulled all the flotation blocks out to dry out the bilge. You can see the cabin light hanging down by the wire.
The V-bunk area cleaned up although we still have some mildew.
Removed the bulkhead below the companioway to clean up stern and repair the electrics. The keel winch and cable look OK.
Halfway done with the scrubbing. This was as far as I could go without crawling back in under the cockpit. I've been using a ZEP Mildew and Stain remover and a lot of scrubbing to clean it all.
The first scrubbing down is done. There still is some discoloration which I may try to clean up. It will all need a coat of paint before I'm done.
Nancy and Cassandra spent an afternoon cleaning up the cushions. They came out looking pretty good although the zippers are all stuck.
All the wood parts wound up on the porch to get cleaned and coated with teak oil. Nancy decided to use tongue oil as well for more shine.
The final result is pretty nice. This is the foreward side of the bulkhead. I still have to glue down the veneer strip on the edge of the plywood and this will be ready to go back in the boat.
On to the ceiling. There are a number of leaks when it rains. Water damage and age had taken its toll on the ceiling. In this picture the port side panel has been removed.
Although there are leaks at almost every piece of hardware mounted on the deck, the worst was at the fitting for the mast light. (Wonder why?) This fitting is pretty corroded and will be getting replaced. I'll also be adding a fitting for a VHF antenna cable.
The plywood is getting a "primer" coat of an oil-based, stain-blocking paint. Before it goes back in the boat it will get a coat of gloss white.


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