Carmichael Redwing FT/6 CrT Land Rover


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 An interesting review of the Redwing prototype can be seen here.

 Carmichael sales specifications sheets.
On the left
From the shape of the rear doors, I would guess this is either the prototype or an early FT6.

Thanks very much to Ross Floyd for sending the scans of this.

On the right
The truck in this picture is actually my truck!

Thanks very much to Bob Vandereyt for this one and others.

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FT/6 Variations
  I think the FT/6 Redwing was produced as a pumper (L4P) as well as the Crash Tender (CrT). Some other variations have also been seen.

Fire Tender The standard FT/6 Redwing Fire Tender.
Land Rover - The Unbeatable 4x4, Third Ed.
Above photo reproduced from Ken Slavin's book without permission!
Camera Car 1959 SeriesII 109 five-door station wagon conversion that saw use as a camera car for a film company.
LRM March 2000
Ambulance Lomas Ambulance body on a Carmichael forward control converted chassis. 1964
LRM March 2000
Above photos reproduced from LRM magazine without permission!
Fire Tender Found this photo of a IIa FT/6 on Archie's Fire Engine Website. Archie is also a Land Rover enthusiast and has a page just for FC Landies.
Above photo from
Fire Tender This photo of a late IIa FT/6 was from the Weeting meet in the UK. It's from the Fire Appliance Enthusiast website
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Above photo from without permission!

MB57 Everybody has seen one of these. Matchbox 57.

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