Carmichael Redwing Photo Gallery

Various Redwing Photos forwarded by other enthusiasts.
  Many thanks to those that have forwarded photos. I'm always looking for more, especially those with exterior and interior detail.

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965JOA AMB588B-1
The above six photos were from an undisclosed source

Three more of AMB588B
AMB588B-2 AMB588B-3
The above three photos supplied by Al Richter

Two more of AMB588B
AMB588B-5 AMB588B-6
The above two photos supplied by Ketil Oftedahl

Three from New Zealand
AH9891 EU7157
The above 3 photos were from an undisclosed source

One from Melaka (Malacca) Malaysia
The above photo supplied by Frank Vanderweerden

MDH998E - Before and After
The first four photos were taken at a military rally in Duxford (UK).

The last three were taken more recently - (August 2003)

MDH998E-1 MDH998E-2
MDH998E-3 MDH998E-4
The above 4 photos by Mick Bell
MDH998E-5 MDH998E-6
The above 3 photos were from an undisclosed source

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Last update - December 21, 2003