Carmichael Redwing FT/6 CrT Land Rover


In Service in the UK

In January, 2002 I had written to the Fire Vehicle Archives with an inquiry on Carmichaels. Andy Anderson posted my letter in Turnout magazine and a reader named Bob Vandereyt from Whitechuch, Bristol recognized my truck.

Bob sent me three color photos and a Carmichael advertisement - all from when 7SYA was in service. I was stunned! The pictures are great - more information on this particular truck than I could have hope for.

I can't say Thank You enough to Bob and Andy for thier help with this!


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This is the Carmichael advertisement. It shows 7SYA in front of a Westland Whirlwind helicopter. As originally fitted, this truck had a blue light, a huge searchlight and what appears to be a siren on the roof. The text of the ad states that the truck was also fitted with a 15 ft ladder and two 200 lb dry powder units. It also states that the truck was fitted with an alternator - I had wondered if that was original.
The original ad was 8 x 10 and the full scan is pretty big - about 474K.
These next two photos show some changes in the paint scheme. The siren had also been removed from the roof (There is evidence that something had been mounted there) and a large siren or speaker was mounted behind the grill. Don't know which picture is older.
I'm pretty sure this is the most recent photo as the right-hand mirror is the one currently fitted. It also looks like the truck was recently repainted - there appears to be a bit of silver overspray on the tyres. The front marker and directional lights are definately not the originals and have been since replaced with newer plastic "Defender" style units.

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