Carmichael Redwing FT/6 CrT Land Rover


Mechanical Work

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Brakes were very noisy, like something was dragging. That turned out to be the left front brake drum - maybe warped or cracked - so I just replaced it.

The clutch problem was the hose to the slave cylinder. I replaced that and rebuilt the slave cylinder at the same time.

The Low Range/High Range problem was just the linkage gummed up and not moving. After a good cleaning it started working OK.

The gearshift was a bit more troublesome. It may have been broken at one time and rewelded. There was also no locator screw in the gearshift support on the transmission. Shifting was a nightmare. I replaced the locator screw, shimmed part of the linkage and then still had to enlarge the hole in the bulkhead where the linkage went through.

Upper end of the gearshift is mounted on a bracket that is bolted to the top of the thermostat housing and one bolt on the exhaust manifold.
Lower end of the gearshift linkage had way too much play and was missing the locator screw for the ball.
Close up of the 4WD engagement (Yellow knob). Yes, it is a hydraulic actuation. The slave cylinder is mounted on a bolt which has been welded to the gearshift support. It's pretty simple, press the knob down and the slave presses down the lever on the transfer case. It stays down until you shift into low range and then the springs pull the slave back. The black wire goes to a switch to light a 4WD indicator in the dash.

The red cable was for the PTO for the air compressor. Currently, it operates the overdrive.

Resevoir can for the 4WD actuator hydraulics is located on the far right.

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Last update - December 11, 2003