Carmichael Redwing FT/6 CrT Land Rover


Re-assembly and first run

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I finally got back to working on this. Of course, parts had been sitting around in the barn for the last year, gathering dust and rust and mice nests - so all of that had to be cleared out and cleaned up. It's a bit harder to work on than a regular Land Rover. The engine compartment is quite a bit tighter. The manifolds have to go in on an angle to clear the left-hand front seat box. You pull out the front seats, kneel on the seatbox and reach down into the engine compartment. I did manage to refit the original oil-bath air cleaner instead of the little pancake filter that was sitting on top of the carb.

Got it all back together and finally started (after getting the firing order reversed) and moved it out of the barn.

This photo on the left is what it started out looking like.
Engine cover and driver's seat back in place. It's been so long I forgot exactly what it looked like.
First Run. Out of the barn, around the yard once and then back in the barn.
Now, all the "fun" begins. There is a problem with the clutch, it may need a hydraulic rebuild. One front brake seems to be dragging - at least it sounds like that. I think it's in low range, but doesn't move in high range. So, either a broken half-shaft (but I didn't hear anything turning) or the linkage is not working. It's hard to tell exactly what is going on with the linkage when all the levers are in front of the engine.

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Last update - June 5, 2003