Carmichael Redwing FT/6 CrT Land Rover


Fire Appliance Apparatus

I've been slowly finding and buying bits to make the truck look somewhat like it originally did. When I started looking, I didn't really know what the truck was fitted with and I wound up buying a Winkworth bell and a set of air horns. Then I was sent pictures and had an idea of what to really look for.

After about a year of searching I have found a Francis searchlight, Francis siren and a Lucas blue rotating beacon light in the UK and then a siren speaker (like the truck was later fitted with) in the USA. I also found a Marconi radio set in the UK - but I have no idea if it is correct for the truck. (All of the bits were located on eBay)

Its also supposed to have a PTO driven air compressor and two 200 lb dry extinguishers but I doubt that I'll be able to locate those.

  If you looked at the pictures from when this truck was in service you'll see it never had a bell, the Lucas foglight, the black pushbar on the front bumper or the red towhook.
The Lucas light, black pushbar and tow hook were on the truck when I bought it. (see the photo on the right) The pushbar is bolted through the bumper, so until I get a new bumper the pushbar stays.
As to the bell - well, a fire truck needs a bell, eh?
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  Francis siren, Lucas "acorn" light and Francis spotlight. I had to fabricate the red bracket for the Lucas light.
  This F9 Francis searchlight is not exactly the correct type. This is a "spigot" mount light, designed to be removable and then mounted on a tripod. I believe the original searchlight was permanently monted and controlled remotely from inside the cab of the truck.

This picture of AMB588B shows both types of lights - the spigot mount is on the right-front wing.

  Al Richer fabricated a mount for searchlight. The mount is secured to the roof with four bolts and has a knob on the inside to turn the light - so it's somewhat remotely controlled. Electrical power is through a marine-type connector. I can remove the light for storage or for driving long distances.
  Francis siren. The black and white Carmichael ad barely shows the siren. As it turned out, the mounting holes on the base of this siren exactly match the old mounting holes in the roof. I've got to assume the siren is pretty close to the original design. However, the roof is sloped and the siren "points" down so I'll have to make a shim of some sort to level it out.
  Lucas "Acorn" rotating beacon light. I don't think the original beacon was quite the same, but it's hard to tell. This light is identical to the one in one of the later pictures of this truck.

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Last update - December 17, 2003