1968 Spitfire MkIII.
My first Spitfire.
1964 Spitfire 4.
Have had this since 1979.
1973 Spitfire 1500.
Purchased in 2009. Under restoration.

More Spitfire stuff

Workshop Manual
Herald 1200, 12/50, Spitfire, Vitesse - PDF format - Download
Pertronix Wiring
Wiring diagram borrowed from Tom O'Malley. This is for wiring with a late model, electronic tach car. Wiring is with no ballast resistor or resistive wire. JPG image
Starter Solenoid Wiring
Two views of the solenoid with connections identified. Photo 1  Photo 2
Directional Flasher location Mk IV and early 1500
While I had the dashboard apart on the '73 I took a picture. Directional flasher is a square relay on the back side of the dashboard above the ignition key. Yellow arrow points to the flasher. Green arrow points to the rivit securing the bracket. JPG image
Directional vs Hazard Flasher
Early cars - Mk I, Mk II, MK III
Did not have hazard flashers - just the directionals. The directional flasher relay was behind the dash, in a round can next to the fusebox and had three wire connections.
Mk IV and 1500 before FM600001
These cars had hazard flashers using the rectangular rocker switch. The directional flasher is a square, two wire unit behind the dash (see the photo above). The hazard flasher is a round 2 wire unit on the engine side of the firewall.
1500 - FM60001 and newer
These cars had hazard flashers using the round pull switch. There is one flasher relay, for both the directionals and hazards. It is a round, three wire unit, behind the dash. (not sure exactly where!)
More information
Mostly good information on this page - www.triumphspitfire.com/relays.html.
Requisite disclaimer
Like with anything else, some variations may exist. I've only ever seen square flasher relays on the Mk IV and early 1500s, but that doesn't mean that they didn't use a round relay or that someone didn't change out the square relay for a round one. YMMV
Mk I and MK II Convertible top
How to put up the top - with pictures. This is the top with the bows that come off the car. Photos here

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