Mk I and MK II Convertible Tops

Hopefully enough information in pictures.

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Spring Loaded Bows

Blue tape around the tube is there for reference.

Top photo is compressed, bottom is released.

Compress the bows down, turn the collar until the pin is captured in the horizontal slot. If the bows don't compress, maybe the whole thing is rusty?

Convertible Top - Front

This is the front metal piece. It is actually three pieces - the outside two are about 6 inches long and the center piece spans the west of the width. The fabric looks to be glued around the metal pieces.

Note that this is a 1970's vintage AMCO top. The metal pieces at the front came with the top and were already fastened in place. No guarantee that a top you purchase today will have the same setup.

That metal piece in the leading edge of the fabric fits under the silver-colored cap on top of the windshield. Note the snap. Below that and just to the right above the rubber seal is a metal hook.

Fit that thin metal strip in the leading edge of the top under the windscheld cap. Slide it side to side until it is seated in place and the snaps line up.

Detail on how the metal strip fits under the cap. This top has always wanted to bow up a bit until it has some tension on it.

Fasten the smaps on both sides. Remember that metal hook? That little wire loop will be fitting around it - but not yet.

Convertible Top - Rear

This is the rear metal piece. There are two of these, each is about seven inches long. They fit in the seam at the rear of the top. Pointy end goes towards the outside of the car, flat edge up.

Note that this is a 1970's vintage AMCO top. You had to re-use these parts from the original top.

The next two pictures just show inserting this piece into the rear seam.


That metal piece fits into the slot on this hook. This is the right-hand side. Note the snap to the left. That snap is for the tonneau cover, not for the convertible top.

Fit both metal pieces into the hooks and then snap the three snaps on each side.

Convertible Top - Inside

Now - that little loop at the front? Fit it around the hook at the top of the windshield frame.

Inside the car. You should have an elastic strap with a snap hanging down. Note the snap on the piece of the top bow frame.

Top is unsnapped and folded back here just to show how this fits. You would normally attach the elastic strap with the top snapped down at the back.

The strap goes around the outside of the top bow.

And snaps in place on the inside.

Should look about like this with the top all snapped down.

Have a seat and look up. Get this part to fit around the front bow.

And then snap it in place.


Release the spring-loaded bows. Everything should tighten up. And then you notice that boy, is this top dirty.