The Boat

  • Type - Venture 2-22
  • Builder - Macgregor Yachts
  • Age - 1978
  • LOA - 22 feet
  • LOW - 19.5 feet
  • Beam- 7.5 feet
  • Swing Keel
  • Features - "pop-top", "V" bunk, head, mini-galley
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I originally thought this was a Macgregor 2-22 but thanks to a lot of kind folks I've found out it is a Venture 2-22.

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Getting ready to clean it up. The boat is sitting back a bit too far on the trailer causing it to tip up. Moving it forward should fix that.
The cockpit was pretty dirty as was the complete topside of the boat. I removed the mast to make it easier to clean up everything.
Pretty dirty. The fender on the trailer is a bit loose and will need a bit of welding done.
Two of the sails and the cover for the mainsail.
After one session with the power washer. Most of the grime came off easily. It will require another cleaning and then the gelcoat will need to be sealed.
Stern view
The cockpit is much better looking but still not done. The boat is currently under some trees. Nice and shady to work on it, but the leaves drop and add to the dirt.
The cabin still needs major cleaning. This boat had been sitting uncovered for a while and had quite a bit of rainwater in it. The stryofoam block actually belongs in the bilge area under the cockpit.
Most of the dirt was tracked in at the auction yard when the boat was being bailed out.


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