Carmichael Redwing FT/6 CrT Land Rover


ROAV Mid-Atlantic Rally - 3-5 October, 2003

Someone asked "How long does it take to get to the ralley?" Well, we don't know - we usually have some mechanical problem along the way. This trip was no differant.

This was the first major road trip for the Carmichael. Off to a late start as usual and caravanned with Quintin and Flo.. The Carmichael started out running OK, but then began losing power. It turned out to be a fuel pump problem - at least it seemed to be as the fuel pump was leaking gas. As an added bonus, the fuel guage works intermittently. Most of the time it read 1/4, even when I knew the tank was full.

We finally got to the rally site - late Friday night - and set up our tents in the dark.

Saturday - after registration I took the truck for a quick spin around the ralley site - just to blow the siren and horns and generally annoy everyone. Then I set about trying to find a fuel pump. Finally found one from Thatched Roof Garage and set about changing it - in between catching up with friends, answering questions and getting a few rides off-road in other people's trucks. Changing the fuel pump in this truck is no fun - there is not a lot of room from above or below as you can see in this photo.

Sunday was a few more spins around the grounds in the Carmichael, more drives in other people's trucks, packing up and saying goodby.

The trip home started OK. The Carmichael ran much better with the new fuel pump but a new problem started. The oil pressure light came on constantly. We stopped and checked everything - the oil level was good, it was pumping oil up to the head, there were no nasty sounds.. Just that pesky green light in the dash. It was all enough of a worry that we called AAA and the Carmichael got to ride the last 100 miles home on a roll-back.

Post Script
I rigged an oil pressure guage on the engine and checked it a few days after I got home. With the engine fully warm it drops down to 20-25 lbs at idle. My conclusion is that the low pressure switch is defective. Since this truck suffers from a sever lack of instrumentation I'll be adding oil pressure, water temperature and voltage guages. Probably mounted something along the lines of the guages in AMB588B.

Sadly, I didn't get any photos of the whole adventure but other people took pictures at the rally.
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  Photo by Ben Smith Photo by Brian Domke
  Photos by Lori Sickley

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