All sorts of wierd things here...

Assorted Insanity

Most of these have been forwarded by friends.. If you find something that doesn't work or you know of something wierd and bizarre, write to me!

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Elves in Black
Elves in Black
Curious George
Curious George

And other stories. NOT the childrens versions..

Facts and Folklore of that special brew
Sovietski Collection
Soviet stuff catalog

Soviet antiques and artifacts, so they say
Get the Skinny on
Get the Skinny on..

Things like why you never see baby pigeons and why beans give you gas.
BOFH Stories

The Bastard Operator from Hell
Haven Freehold
Baron's Haven Freehold

Someone is building a Medieval City
African Webcam
African Web Cam

Web Cam on an African Game Preserve
The Darwin Awards

Really strange stuff.. Some pretty funny stuff, too.
Inquisition Times
The Inquisition Times

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition
Bunny Survival Tests
Bunny Survival Tests

This site is just too funny (and sick) for words.....
the spark
The Spark

Take the deathtest and see how long you have.
Internet Camera
Your picture on the Web

See yourself on the Web. Try it!
The McLibel Case
The McLibel Case Files

Fairly Amusing...
The Onion
The Onion

Check this one out... Lots of wierd stuff at The Onion
Area 51
Area 51 - A Personal Account

You know.. All the UFO stuff..
Strange Little movies and games here  
I Love Bacon had daily additions of all sorts of really strange things.
Seems to have gone away.
The Daily Joke
Not really daily.. with any luck I'll change it this year.
Chain Mail Response
The next time you get annoying chain mail, respond with this..

Biker Homer

Music - The theme from "Edward Scisorhands".. Wierd enough??

Legal mumbo-jumbo. All images, graphics and ideas may possibly have been horked, borrowed or stolen. If you see something of yours here and you object to my using it, let me know and I'll remove it. Well.. I'll think about it. When I get around to it, anyway.

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