From the Geneva car show movie still
click me! The SVO department built two of these in two weeks. They started with 110 Hi-Cap TDi pickups, swapped in a Discovery V8 with automatic and added on all the toys. This one was used in the scenes filmed in Cambodia and was the one at the New York auto show. Most recently it was at the opening of the Tomb Raider movie.

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Bonnet mounted shovel and pickax. The pickax head is on the wing Husky winch. There is a reciever-mounted winch on the rear.
Cell-phone on the right side of the dash. Radio and loose storage above the seats. All the good tourist traps indicated in red All aluminum dash.. no place for loose change though.
Lots of switches! Above the switches is the fold-out tray for the laptop computer - in the stowed position. Just to the right of that is the GPS holder. The laptop computer tray in the deployed position. How much diamond-plate can you possibly use?
Fancy seats with full harnesses. Don't know if the wheels are standard for a 110 Note the wheels are slightly dished out. You can also see the front of the rock slider tubes with a tow loop at the front.
Left side rock slider. Note the square hole in the tube mount the reciever winch on the side of the truck. Partway up the vertical diamond-plate is the cover for the electrical plug. Right side rock slider. Also with a winch mounting point. The electrical plug (with no cover) is directly above the tow ring. Right-hand side. Note how the sand ladders are mounted.
Upper cargo area. Don't know whats in the big tube. Left side. Two antennas. Cable is not spooled on the rear winch, just wrapped around it. Note the ax on the cargo rack.
One big exhaust pipe.. Has a real nice sound. This jerry can is locked - but not the others. Just in case you were wondering...

Posted 04/26/2001

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