New Stuff at The Abyss

  07/06/10 Photo page revised
  2009 Got my own domain! Got tired of providers changing. Had this site on but I wanted to play with PHP and MySQL, so it was time to get my own domain. Moving everything to abyss.adkcdev,net. Also playing around with PHP and MySQL. so some of the website might be PHP driven. Old links on this page may or may not work.

  02/22/05 Yet Another major change. Haven't done much with this website in 2 1/2 years. During that time some of the website disappeared. Now, everything has moved again. The entire website has undergone some major changes and some of the earlier links on this page may not work.
  09/07/02 Another major change. 100megsfree changed thier hosting policy and dropped the free sites - so this site has moved again - to a site affiliated with 100megsfree. Loading it all up may take a while.
  01/07/02 Carmichael FT/6 CrT
  07/09/01 2001 OVLR Birthday Party
  05/25/01 1989 Range Rover Vogue
  05/17/01 New Car stuff here
  05/17/01 Spitfire page Some changes and additions
  05/07/01 New stuff on the Rover page
  04/21/01 Another major change. has gone out of business. Well, that lasted less than a year. What was the mirror site has now become the main site, but it's not finished yet.
  04/11/01 Spring in DC Cherry Blossum Time
  02/14/01 Suzuki Samurai
  01/11/01 Some reformatting of this page
  01/11/01 Pictures! Finally getting some posted in the "about" section
  01/04/01 Are you one of Jay's Kids? On the Wierd page
  01/04/01 Christmas and New Years Photos
Another web site! Well, I think it will be for pictures only and then who knows.

  10/24/00 Pictures From the Rennaisance Faire
  08/18/00 Pictures of flowers around here
  08/02/00 Been busy.. Changes made to the "About" page and the boat project stuff. Also have some broken links to fix now.
  08/02/00 About page redesigned - not done yet
  08/02/00 Boat Project changed
  07/22/00 Added music to the main pages. In the works are changes to the Rovers and About pages.
  07/18/00 Moved the Abyss to Excelland. The Globe was getting too slow and hard to update.
  07/08/00 Vanagon some new pictures.
  06/10/00 Backwoods Auto A link here to Shayne's Web Page
  02/21/00 E-Bay Auctions A link to my auctions on E-Bay added
  01/27/00 Links to the Archives added

  09/14/99 Vanagon page added
  09/14/99 The Spitfire page updated
  09/06/99 Chain Mail response added
  08/15/99 More Wierd stuff updated
  07/27/99 Rover Pictures added

Revised 02/22/2005