OK.. I give up.. you found me! You know, I had been trying to hide away, deep in the abyss, somewhere on a back road just off the information highway...

But, you're here so I might as well introduce myself..

My name is Mike. I'm a Computer Programmer/Analyst. Real interesting stuff. Ones and Zeros. Right.

So... I thought I would give a try a web-page. Nothing Fancy. A little bit of Java. Just a few ideas and thoughts.. A little bit about me and what I find interesting.. or bizarre..

Music - if it plays - "Funeral March for a Marionette" - but you may recognize it as the "Alfred Hitchcok" theme music.

Legal mumbo-jumbo. All images, graphics and ideas may possibly have been horked, borrowed or stolen. If you see something of yours here and you object to my using it, let me know and I'll remove it. Well.. I'll think about it. When I get around to it, anyway.

Revised 07/05/10
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