Carmichael Redwing FT/6 CrT Land Rover


Pre-purchase Photos

Took these before I bought the truck.

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Left-hand front seat. White box on dashboard has relays and fuses. Looks too new to be original, but it was nicely done. Skinny diagonal thing is a small garden hoe holding the engine lid open. Engine lid (which uses the original IIa bonnet hinges) is the thick diagonal bit in the window in the upper right corner of the picture. Note the door hinges on the right hand side of the picture. They are on the original bulkhead.
Rear seats. Actually, the original IIa front seats. Cushions are late IIa/SeriesIII. Battery is under the left side seat. Gas tank under the right side seat. Note the original dashboard.. Goofy..
Dashboard. Silver panel with switches was added in. Fog lights, interior lights and ??. Yellow 4WD knob, Red High/Low lever and the cold start (choke) knob.. 4WD knob apparently uses some sort of hydraulic linkage? Really.
Engine. Wrong air cleaner, although the oil-bath is hiding behind the passenger seat. Note the position of the radiator. Remote gear shift. The small lever with the rubber boot is the remote for the overdrive.
"Bonnet" Access to the original fusebox, voltage regulator, and two hydraulic resevoirs.. Right hand resevoir (farthest from the camera) is the standard IIa clutch/brake. Left hand one goes to the 4WD knob..
Front end Real nice galvi bumper with reinforced overriders. Neet Lucas foglamps.
Engine compartment Another view. Drivers seat is some kind of wierd bucket. Passengers seat is the same size as the normal front center seat. Both are adjustable. Drivers seat has more rearward travel.
Rear view Standard 109 pickup loadspace with more headroom than a hardtop. This truck has a rollup rear door. No fixed mounting point for the spare tire.
Rear crossmember Had been replaced. Needs paint. Otherwise solid. No tow hitch or grab handles. Missing one mud flap.
Left side view
Roof Viewed from the rear. Ladder rack. The blue areas are where the green paint has come off. Original color apparently was red, was then painted blue and then green. Note the square hatch at the front. It's actually rectangular and mostly above the engine. Just the right size to extract a 2 1/4 with no manifolds? Maybe.

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Last update - January 7, 2002