Freelander Pictures

Sorry for the lousy quality.. Some of these pictures were shot late in the afternoon. The light wasn't the best, so they are a fit fuzzy. Overexposure doesn't help much either.

Photos taken in October, 1999

This Freelander is European spec and I was told that it is pre-production

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Controls are all convient - There is a glovebox under the dash on each side. The left-hand one hides the fusebox and has some extra space. Both glovebox doors function as "cupholders" when open.
Engine Bay - All sorts of room. 16 valve with fuel injection.
Cargo area - Three nets for storage in the cargo area, another on the door and two more in the ceiling above the rear seat. Note the taillights - which are actually rear fog lamps.
Brake Light - Cute sort of a thing. It is perched on some mount off the spare tire mounting.

I don't think the IIa is worried too much...

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