Steve's Big Pile of Volkswagons

Do we know how to have fun or what?

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Steve gets a big pile of Volkswagons. 2 campers, 3 busses, 2 squarebacks and 7 beetles. 4 of the beetles were bodyshells only. All had to be moved. First they had to be extracted from the weeds. Easiest way to move the bodyshells was to flip them over and drag them. Sunday was drag the cars out of the weeds and get some ready to roll. Also pulled engines out of one beetle and one squareback. Two busses then got towed to Mikes.
  Blue bubble-top camper with a Ford engine
The ever-elusive Steve Orange camper destined for the scrap yard. Glass from it got pulled for the red bus

Monday was cut up beetles and dispose of them. Got no pictures. We managed two runs to the scrapyard - the orange camper, two rolling beetles and 2 bodyshells more or less. The rest of the bodyshells got loaded for a Tuesday run. Dropped the trailer at the bottom of Mikes driveway. Steve hauled one more camper to Mikes. The last beetles and the two squarebacks are getting picked up by someone else.

Tuesday morning. The last of the bodyshells.
Well, three front ends, one back end.
The large black birds in the tree behind the trailer are Vultures. (Turkey buzzards)

At the junkyard. Note the yellow, blue and black beetles in the picture on the left.

Steve left Tuesday morning - hauling the best of the campers back to North Carolina.
He's coming back for the rest.

Posted 03/16/2004