Quote of the week:
The shop's own car was raced by Dave Hart who discovered that Steering into a skid
really doesn't help if you are sliding along upside down on the roll bar.

Triumph Spitfire Related

Clubs and Assorted Organizations and related websites
Parts Suppliers

Land Rover Related

Clubs and Assorted Organizations and related websites
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VW Related

Clubs and Assorted Organizations and related websites
Parts Suppliers

General Car Info

British Wiring
Wiiring Harnesses and electrical parts for British Cars .
British Starters
Gear Reduction Starters and other stuff.
Auto Electric Supplies
UK Company. Electrical and other stuff.
Complete Automobilist
UK Company. More oddball parts.
Auto Electric Spares
UK Company. Electrical and other.
Car Builders Solutions
UK Company. All sorts of tools and supplies. Good Stuff.
Classic Car Accessories
UK Company. Electrical and other.
Stafford Vehicle Components
UK Company. Electrical and other.
Auto Sparks
UK Company. Electrical and other.
Charlesworth & Son, Plastic Moulders
UK Company. Various reproduction plastic parts.
HNJ Engineering
UK Company. Reproduction parts for FW2 wiper motos and other things.
UK Company. Repair and Reconditioning Services for gauges.
KIP Motor Company
Parts, Service and Restoration for Uncommon British Vehicles.
THe Monster List
Should be a list of suppliers. Text files don't seem to work but the simple search does.
Terminal Supply Co
Electrical and other.
Classic British Supply
Mostly Motorcycle stuff.
Not really sure how to order
Federal Hill Brake Lines
Supplies for brake lines and fittings.
Rock Auto
All sorts of car parts
Pertronix Distributor
Hot Spark
Alternative to Pertronix Distributor
Distributor Doctor
UK Company - Lucas Distributor repairs
Powerspark Ignigtion
UK Company - Electronic Ignigtion
Generic source of all sorts of auto electrical stuff
Nisonger Instruments
They guys repair Smiths and Jaeger Guages
West Vally Instruments
More Instrument Repair
The Taillight King
Source for all sorts of tail lights, curb feelsers, fog lights, etc
V-Belt Supply
For those hard to find belts
Get your tires on-line!
Lots of interesting tools and supplies for auto restoration
Four Wheeler
The on-line version of Four Wheeler magazine
Car and Driver
The on-line version of Car and Driver magazine
Owls Head Transportation Museum
Airplanes, Airshows and Carshows.

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