Some stuff about me
Probably more information than you really wanted to know, but then thats what you get, sometimes. So, I figured I would write up a bunch of stuff here, include some pictures of family and friends, thoughts on whatever, links to pages with some of my interests and/or projects.. All the usual boring crap.
Lets start with how you got here.. No, not how you got on this planet. How you got here.. This page.. Better yet, how this page got here. I'm a geek. Been an RPG developer for the last 20 years. Thats NOT "Role Playing Games" or some weapon designation. But, I'm not going into that just yet.

Ramble zone ahead! Proceed with caution. Use your browser back button or skip directly to the bottom of this page to bypass this nonsense.

RPG developer. RPG is a computer language used mainly on IBM midrange systems.
Yeah, it has been around a while - and is widely used in all sorts of businesses.
Although these days I'm more of a system administrator and security geek. But I sometimes still write code.

My business card states "System Engineer".

Just for grins I started writing web pages a while ago - and then started working with PHP and MySQL.
Like I don't get enough computer crap at work! :)

Still here, eh? I do that sometimes.. Ramble on, you know.. Sorry. Oh yeah, this web page. Well, a while back I decided to try a web page. Seemed like the thing to do and being a geek I wanted to learn new geeky stuff. I wound up with a bunch of pages with all sorts of pictures and stuff and this page here with not a whole lot on it. It stayed that way for a long time. Then I added some links to other pages of mine but I still thought that I should do something else with it. So, this is it and here you are.

Photographs Stooges
I bet you thought that handsome fellow at the top of the page was me? Close, but no cigar. Got pictures here of family and friends.
Lookee Here
Play Time Things I like, things I work on, things I curse at. Toys and assorted junque. Everyone needs a hobby.. or two.. I've got a few. It keeps me off the streets. Sometimes I wonder if I have too many hobbies. Click on the little Land Rover here and check it all out.
Philosophy Mr Natural Fancy word for random thoughts.. Actually assorted rantings. I spew, therefor I am.
This is where I really get to rattle on. Could be about anything, could be serious - or not. I'll let you decide. When you get right down to it, this whole series of web pages may tell you a lot.. Anyway, if you feel like reading just click on Mr Natural here..

Backwoods Auto Backwoods Auto
Check out Shayne's web site!

Legal mumbo-jumbo.All images, graphics and ideas may possibly have been horked, borrowed or stolen. If you see something of yours here and you object to my using it, let me know and I'll remove it. Well.. I'll think about it. When I get around to it, anyway.

Revised 03/01/05